At Siyam Radiators, we views corporate social responsibility as an integral part of our business. With “Living Responsibility” as our motto, we focus on causes that are close to our heart, and that reflect our identity, values and principles. 

The following are main Siyam Group CSR activities: 

Commitment to better education for better future

  • We believe that education is the way for a brighter future in our region. Therefore, we support various schools developments. The latest project has been the construction of a girl’s school in the west bank. The school provides education to more than 600 student between the age of 13 to 18 Years old.

    Youth empowerments

        • Foster Innovation: We continually promote education and science. We support initiatives, such as the Arab Innovation Network (AIN), that help inspire and foster innovation in the region. AIN acts as a platform for Arab youth to explore problems and develop solutions for major regional challenges in entrepreneurship, environment, health, information and communication technology. As a partner, Siyam Group contributes to the sustainability of the AIN activities and provides ”problems” for potential internships opportunities to best “solutions”.

        • Internships: As students expand their professional experience, IMS forges a relationship with potential employees of tomorrow. That is why we offer challenging projects in several of our business activities, choosing the most qualified, motivated candidates.
          The Operation Management training, is an initiative by Siyam Group that started in 2007, to provide students with hands-on experience that interns will need in this high competitive market. This initiative is a two week intensive training given to fourth year university students, studying Mechanical or Industrial Engineering.
          The training is a combination of transferable skills activities, technical challenges, and team-work projects.
        • Health Care and Supplies:

              • Support health-based research
              • Support International Health Organisations.
              • Support refugees by essential supplies.